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VPS-IR Integrated Positioning
IR PTZ Camera system


● Integrated with weather-proof high speed PTZ.

● It combines with cameras, intelligent PTZ and decoder, cover housing, wipers, automatic heater, windows defroster and defogger, sunshield housing.

● It integrates with high-end motor, good stability, and low noise.

● Heavy wind resistance, smoothly running, ensure accurate positioning.

● With infrared LED range up to 150 meters, it could capture image promptly at night.

IR illuminator

● PTZ adopts imported array infrared lights,multi-angle work together, the working life up to 30,000 hours, night vision is 150 meters


● PTZ support mainstream megapixel digital high-definition movement and HD SENSOR HD picture capture, compatible with mainstream HD platform and seamless docking, the maximum support 1080P output, support for dual-stream and high-definition capture, support IE browser


● City Road monitoring / expressway monitoring / railway monitoring / substation monitoring / high-rise building peripheral monitoring / coastal defense monitoring

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