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12-Slot Mini Media Converter Rack

Brief Introduction

● The Mini 10/100Base Fast Ethernet / 1000Base Gigabit Fiber Media Converter and SFP Fiber Media Converter, as well as 1U height 12 slots media converter rack mount chassis specially designed for accommodating chassis-based Mini Media Converters. The Mini Media converter is designed for Space Saving and powered by a single internal universal power supply, eliminating the need for the multiple power connections which associated with multiple converter installations.

● The 1U 12 slots media converter rack mount chassis is cost effective and supports dual power DC48V/AC220V. The offers space saving Mini Media Conversion in the wiring closet by providing a means for rack space while reducing the number of wall outlet power connections required. The Mini Media Converters is hot-swappable, which can be removed from the rack, powered externally, and used as stand-alone units in new applications as your network needs change in the future.

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